Connecting Businesses Everywhere


MACH’s Satellite Services for Business clients help you set up shop just about anywhere with fast internet that enables you to connect all your critical business applications such as voice-over-IP (VoIP), point-of-sale transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, IoT connectivity, and more.

Below are just a few vertical examples of how we help businesses set up just about anywhere. Regardless of your client's business, vertical, applications, or unique connectivity needs, Satellite offers an excellent and flexible alternative to help overcome a connected business world's many pain points.

  • Off The Grid Executive
    It's a worst-case professional scenario. Executive moves family, including a new baby, into a new home in rural areas  just as COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders take effect.   Suddenly, the executive finds himself forced to work from home on a ranch with no fiber or cable connection and cellphone coverage unreliable. In short, this is an executive who will no longer be able to communicate clearly with his customers and colleagues.   Satellite is genuinely a plug-n-play service that efficiently assists in this scenario—having Satellite in place dramatically improved his work-from-home communications, allowing him to make clear calls, maintain a secure connection, and have internet access for video conferencing.  

A mere 10% increase in broadband

penetration can raise global

economic growth by as much as 1.5%;

Satellite is now playing a significant

role in reaching people everywhere

  • Retail
    Retailers need to stay always connected.   Interruptions in connectivity can mean lost customers, lost income, and lost relationships.  Whether it's using Satellite for PoS, Voice, remote marketing locations, or providing in-store shopping support, retailers can feel a sense of security by implementing primary or backup Satellite service from MACH and Viasat.

  • Smart Farming
    Livestock processors rely on Satellite to send daily reports from farms back to HQ on stock quality and movement. Several other agribusinesses use satellite services to implement emerging tech, such as field sensors and machine tracking.   All share a common denominator, using technology and advanced connectivity to manage their business better.

  • Construction
    Construction firms no longer have to drive down the road to get internet connectivity. We can get them connected in just three business days and give them the speeds they needed for cloud applications and real-time communication with field teams.

  • Emergency Services: 
    A major US city's Downtown Emergency Services Center is nationally respected for providing housing and healthcare to chronically homeless people. But while it's skilled at providing its clients with stability, the organization's internet was often decidedly unsteady. When those sites couldn't contact centralized servers, they could not complete the intake process for homeless men and women in crisis. Satellite helped make those issues a thing of the past. They deployed satellite internet as a backup service kicked-in when the primary internet fails, keeping the center's critical mission on track.

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