opex model for 4g lte connectivity

Our Fully Managed 4G LTE Solutions-as-a-Service bundles enable our partners to offer
comprehensive, fully managed solutions for a fixed monthly fee, No CapEx Required!

No Cap Ex

If your customer needs connectivity for 100 or more locations, but they don’t have CAPEX dollars available, we have a solution for you!
Our Fully Managed 4G LTE Solutions-as-a-Service consist of an enterprise class 4G LTE router, 4G LTE service on the best available
network (AT&T or Verizon Wireless), and fully managed services which include remote monitoring & management,
usage alarms and alerts, and ongoing technical support – all from a single source.

(866) 972-7677, ext 107.


Below are some of the Fully Managed Solutions-as-a-Service offered by MACH Networks.

Solutions-as-a-Service: SD-WAN Connectivity for Branch Offices and Distributed Enterprises

Lower Operational Costs and Improve Operational Efficiencies with the Next Generation of Cloud Based SD-WAN Solutions for the Distributed Enterprise

Connecting branch offices with the new generation of Software Defined Wide Area Networking is now a reality. Learn more about Fully Managed Solutions-as-a-Service for SD-WAN and Branch Offices by clicking on the link below:

SaaS Primary Connectivity    

SaaS for Restaurants and Retail 2-14-18a

Solutions-as-a-Service: Connectivity Solutions for Wireless Failover

Reliable, Resilient Connectivity for Network Outages and Natural Disasters

Network outages cost retail business up to $5,000 per minute of downtime. Our Business Continuity solutions protect businesses from costly network disruptions when the primary connection fails. It is not a matter of “If” a network failure occurs, it is a matter of how you protect your business “When” the failure occurs.

Learn more about our Fully Managed Solutions-as-a-Service for Wireless Failover by clicking on the link below:
SaaS Backup Connectivity


Solutions-as-a-Service: Connectivity Solutions for Digital Signage

Best-in-Class 4G LTE Gateway for Digital Signage ApplicationsCustomers with Reliable and Cost Effective Connectivity Solutions for Digital Signage applications.

Learn more about our Fully Managed Solutions-as-a-Service for Digital Signage by clicking on the link below:
SaaS Digital Signage

Solutions-as-a-Service: Connectivity Solutions for Industrial Automation and Rugged Applications

Connectivity Solutions for Smart Grid, Metering, Solar, Oil, Gas, Water, Lighting & Security

Industrial applications often require equipment that can operate in geographically dispersed and remote locations, in places that don’t have a convenient power supply and are subject to harsh conditions. Learn more.

Solutions-as-a-Service: Connectivity Solutions for Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Line Replacement

Reliable, Cost-effective Solutions to Replace Analog Telephone Lines

POTS Line Replacement solutions lower costs and improve operational efficiencies for your business by converting analog services to IP connectivity to connect legacy devices to a network.

SaaS POTS Replacement 2-19-18a

Solutions-as-a-Service: Connectivity Solutions for Tablets and Mobile Professionals

Business Tools for Business Professionals

Tablets have quickly found their place in businesses everywhere. Combining robust Internet connectivity, an impressive selection of apps, rich media capabilities and portable simplicity, tablets make business on the go more convenient and productive. Add the power of America’s fastest, most reliable 4G LTE network, and competitive tablet lease options, and you have one of the most powerful tools used by businesses today. Learn more.

Solutions-as-a-Service: Connectivity Solutions for Transportation

Rugged and Reliable Mobile Broadband Connectivity For In Vehicle Applications

In today’s transportation industry, it is critical for businesses to move people and goods from one location to another as quickly and efficiently as possible. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, fleets now require reliable, 24 x 7 x 365 connectivity to monitor and manage vehicles, enable productivity, and provide a great customer experience for passengers.

Learn more about our Cradlepoint solutions.
Learn more about our Sierra Wireless solutions.

Solutions-as-a-Service:  Connectivity for Security and Video Surveillance

Rugged & Reliable Solutions that Help You Protect Your Assets

Protecting assets and operations is critical for every business. Take a proactive approach against threats to your property and assets. Mobile security and surveillance solutions can reduce your risk and help identify and address potential security threats before they get started. Mobile surveillance solutions from Mach Networks help businesses stay aware and in control at all times.  SaaS Video Surveillance 2-14-18a


Fully Managed Solutions for Primary Connectivity

SaaS Primary Connectivity

Fully Managed Solutions for IoT Connectivity

SaaS ATMs and Kiosks 2-14-18a

SaaS Digital Signage 2-14-18a

SaaS Outdoor Environments 1-30-18a

SaaS POTS Replacement 2-19-18a

SaaS for Restaurants and Retail 2-14-18a

SaaS SD-WAN Branch Office Connectivity 2-14-18a

SaaS Video Surveillance 2-14-18a