LTE connectivity for POTS Replacement

Connectivity Solutions for Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Line Replacement

According to all the US major carriers, analog telephone lines will be phasing out, and support pricing is scheduled to increase exponentially. This will affect businesses using legacy POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines for voice, fax, fire alarms, elevators, and many more mission-critical applications.

Examples of Key Applications Affected by

The Phasing Out of Analog and Copper Line Service
Fire Alarms – Call Boxes – Elevators – Metering – 911/Emergency – Alarms – Fax – HVAC – Point-of-Sale

To address these changing market dynamics, MACH is pleased to announce our new managed Analog Replacement Solutions AReS™.   AReS is designed to lower operational costs and streamline execution by providing analog to digital conversion for virtually any type of specialty line.  Using cellular LTE data networks for backhaul? Our fully managed solutions enable connected devices to replace legacy analog POTS lines, therefore providing a wide range of new connectivity options for voice and data applications currently using traditional wireline analog services.   In addition, these solutions offer proper failover and out-of-band management capabilities to improve network reliability.

Bring your own SoftSwitch with AReS™.  This enterprise-class POTS replacement solution uses a 2/4/8 port ATA along with a secure and reliable LTE router and 24-hour capable battery, to support traffic to or from the PSTN.   AReS™ is a First-Net capable appliance that enables analog devices to use LTE connectivity to replace the copper POTS line of service directly. 
Key Features AReS™

  • Perfect for clients with existing SoftSwitch & VoIP
  • 2/4/8 FXS (RJ-11) Ports support up to 8 SIP profiles
  • Strong AES encryption with security certificates
  • Automated and secure provisioning using TR069
  • 3-way voice conferencing for each port
  • Exceptional voice quality with a wideband HD codec
  • Supports T.38 Fax for reliable FAX over IP
  • Supports dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • High performance, Highly secure NAT router
  • Multiple Interfaces. Remote Management. Voice Features. VPN & Firewall. First-Net™ Capable

Affordable Packages

Migrate your company over to a faster, more reliable network starting as low as $39*/month. 
* Other terms and conditions may apply.

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