LTE connectivity for Kiosks & ATMs

Connectivity Solutions for Kiosks and ATMs

Reliable, Resilient Connectivity for ATMs and Kiosks. Our enterprise class connectivity solutions for ATMs and Kiosks provide reliable and cost-effective connectivity for remotely located ATMs, Kiosks, and Point-Of-Sale terminals.

Today’s financial and business institutions need to constantly evolve to stay competitive and relevant in the marketplace. Increased demands such as providing a seamless customer experience and maintaining secure network connectivity are critical to strengthening your customer relationships and helping your business thrive. MACH Networks offers LTE mobile broadband solutions for ATM and kiosk providers helping to optimize operations by enhancing systems integrity and uptime, improving security verification capabilities, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

In this fast-paced world, your customers need quick and easy access to their bank accounts. Our solutions not only help control costs, they provide customers with more efficient self-service options, increasing both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Key Features

  • Optimize Revenue Streams by Decreasing Disruptions in Critical Business Functions
  • Secure Customer Data by Providing Device-to-Device Identity Authentication Protection
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service Capabilities Using Wireless ATMs & Kiosks
  • Improve Monitoring & Tracking with Real-Time Access to Transaction History and Data

Package Details

Starting as low as $35* a month, our bundles include everything you need to get started. Each package includes a 4G LTE router, ECM, and a 250MB pooled service plan with optional static IP.

*A $50 one-time setup fee, minimum of 25 units, and a new 36-month service plan required.

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