Windstream Enterprise Promotion


MACH Networks is pleased to offer a $25 SPIFF for each new AT&T 4G LTE line of service sold by
Windstream Enterprise Agents for SD-WAN or Wireless Data Backup. See below for details.

$25 SPIFF for Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN and Wireless Data Backup

Promotion Details

To participate in this Promotion please follow the instructions below. Once the form is approved and processed you will receive your SPIFF directly from MACH Networks. Payment will be issued within 90-days of the activation date. Please note that you can list multiple devices for a single customer but each customer requires a separate form.
Questions? Contact us at (866) 972-7677 ext. 100 or via email at 

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Complete the Windstream Enterprise SPIFF Form. The form must be completed in its entirety as incomplete forms will not be processed. If more room is needed, please attach multiple copies of the Agent SPIFF Form (see below) to be able to accommodate a complete list of MDNs (Mobile Device Numbers or cellular phone numbers) and IMEIs (Serial Numbers) of the activated devices.
  2. Include a copy of your W-9 with your first submission.
  3. Be sure to sign and date the bottom of the form.
  4. Once completed, save the file as AGENTNAME-MM-DD-YY (example: MACH-05-11-18) and email the form to

Wireless Data Backup

Wireless Data Backup protects your business against costly network outages with reliable
and resilient 4G LTE connectivity.

Engineered to provide 4G LTE wireless failover for Internet access and MPLS services, Wireless Data Backup solutions from Windstream Enterprise provide 99.99% uptime protecting your network, your business, and your bottom line.  Benefits  of 4G LTE solutions with Wireless Data Backup include:

  • Affordability: More cost effective than landline solutions
  • Reliability: Minimizes downtime when network outages occur
  • Performance: Maintains business productivity at business class speeds
  • Flexibility: Business class speed that is quicker and easier to install than traditional landlines
  • Resiliency: 4G LTE provides a diverse path for Internet access to ensure connectivity in the event of a natural disaster

Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN Solutions

Distributed enterprises can increase  performance, lower costs, and simplify the management of corporate networks with Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN Solutions. 

For branch or remote offices, connectivity is everything. However, network traffic patterns are changing, businesses are moving applications to the cloud, and connecting remote or branch offices is becoming increasingly complex, expensive, and hard to manage.  Benefits SD-WAN solutions with 4G LTE include:

  • Affordability: Combining 4G LTE with Broadband delivers a cost-effective end-to-end solution
  • Simplicity: Reduces network complexity for distributed enterprises
  • Reliability: SD-WAN with 4G LTE delivers truly reliable network connectivity
  • Flexibility: 4G LTE delivers the incremental bandwidth you need, when you need it, ensuring a high quality experience
  • Resiliency: 4G LTE provides a diverse path for Internet access to maintain connectivity in the event of a natural disaster