Welcome to the MACH Networks Partner Program!

The MACH Networks Partner Program is designed to make it easy for Service Providers, Agents, and VARS to offer Fully Managed 4G LTE solutions for primary and backup connectivity. We are focused on your success, providing our partners with the tools and resources you need to start generating revenue in the fastest growing segment of the Telecommunications industry.

Our program was built to enable our partners to offer provide customers with fully managed solutions consisting of wireless services from industry leaders including AT&T and Verizon Wireless, best-in-class routers and modems from best-in-class manufacturers like Accelerated, BEC, Cradlepoint and Digi, and award winning remote monitoring, management, and ongoing technical support from MACH Networks.

Our innovative business model has earned numerous accolades including Cradlepoint’s Emerging Partner of the Year, and CIO Review Magazine’s Top Solution Providers in the nation. MACH Networks partners with some of the top Master Telecom Agents and currently provides fully managed 4G LTE solutions for Wireless Failover and SD-WAN connectivity for some of the largest landline Service Providers in the nation.

Give us a call at (866) 972-7677, x100 to learn how to monetize the Internet of Things and start earning commissions in the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry.

Which Program is Right for You?

With choice of flexible programs, you determine the model that best fits your needs.


Agents: Monthly Recurring Commissions for Telecom Agents and Value Added Resellers

Requirement: Minimum of 100 activations per year – MACH Networks direct bills the end customer.
Designed to make it easy and profitable for Telecom Agents and VARs to add the next generation of last mile connectivity solutions to your product portfolio, this program meet the requirements of solution providers who have their own customers and want to share in the Monthly Recurring Revenue stream.  MACH Networks handles the billing, contracts, pre-sales support, remote monitoring and management, and ongoing technical support and you receive a check every month.  It’s that easy.

Service Providers: White Labeled, Fully Managed Solutions Service Providers and ASPs

Requirement: Minimum of 1,000+ activations per year – Service Provider direct bills the end customer.
Designed to meet the requirements of Service Providers, MACH Networks provides a simple, seamless way to add 4G LTE Wireless Failover and SD-WAN connectivity solutions to your product portfolio without changing your existing business model.  This program enables Service Providers to quickly and easily add 4G LTE Wireless Failover and SD-WAN connectivity solutions to your product portfolio as a white labeled solution where we handle the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your core business. This includes warehousing and managing inventory, activating, configuring and testing the routers prior to shipping, remotely monitoring and managing the routers, sending usage alerts, and providing all ongoing tier 1, 2, and 3 technical support. We even conduct a multi-carrier coverage analysis to help ensure we are providing service on the best available network for each customer location.  Since this is a white label solution, we bill you and you bill your end customers.  We are already doing this for some of the largest landline services providers in the nation. 

Why Should I Care About Selling 4G LTE Solutions for Last Mile Connectivity?

With the explosion of the Internet of Things, the opportunity to generate new sources of monthly recurring revenue is unprecedented. MACH Networks makes it easy for our partners to sell, deploy and support a wide range of 4G LTE last mile connectivity without changing your existing business model. By providing our Agent partners with access to 4G LTE fully managed Solutions, providing with pre-sales and all ongoing technical support, and enabling Service Providers to white label and sell the solutions as their own, we have eliminated the complexity and streamlined the process of delivering fully managed last mile connectivity solutions to your customers. We can even handle the billing for you and provide all the backend pre-sales and post-sales support. It’s completely up to you!

Benefits of the MACH Networks Monthly Recurring Revenue Share Program

MACH Networks offer simple, flexible Partner Programs to support the needs of Service Providers, Solution Providers, and Value Added Resellers who want to share in the M2M Monthly Recurring Revenue Stream. Our programs offer upfront and monthly recurring compensation on last mile connectivity solutions consisting of service plans on the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE networks combined with industry leading routers and modems and award winning technical support. Our Fully Managed Solutions provide last mile primary and backup connectivity for a wide range of applications including ATMs & Kiosks, Business Continuity, Branch Offices, Digital Signage, Industrial Automation, Point-of-Sale, POTS Replacement, SD-WAN, Tablets, Transportation & Video Surveillance.



Earn Monthly Recurring Revenue on 4G LTE Solutions

Partners can earn upfront and monthly recurring commissions for the term of the Agreement.

MACH Private Network Services for M2M Applications

MACH offers service from multiple carriers so we can provide service on the best available network.

Fully Managed 4G LTE Solutions-as-a-Service for last mile Connectivity

Our OpEx model offers monthly payments on fully managed solutions for a fixed monthly fee.

Plug-n-Play Solutions for M2M Applications

All routers and modems are activated, configured, and tested prior to leaving our facility.

Pre-sales, Post-Sales, and Ongoing Technical Support

Our team will support you in the pre and post-sales process and provide all ongoing technical support.

Enterprise Class 4G LTE Routers and Modems

We stock, manage, and directly support all the routers and modems sold by MACH Networks.

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