Cradlepoint Special: Managed Failover-as-a-Service

Fully Managed Business Continuity Solution

Standby equipment and connections seamlessly engage during network failover, ensuring continuity when the primary network connection fails. 

With the growing reliance on cloud-based services for daily operations, automatic failover and consistent network access have become critical for remote and branch networking. Diversifying network components and types of connections mitigates the risks associated with a single point of failure. Incorporating wireless connections into branch networks offers a versatile and economical approach to enhance uptime, application performance, and overall business continuity.

MACH Networks brings you an easy way to ensure business continuity and continuous uptime,

The Cradlepoint Failover-as-a-Service Special

starting at $24.99/month

What You Get?

  • Best in class solution combining enterprise-grade LTE connectivity, total MACH management, plus a FREE IBR650C Branch Failover Router.
  • Promotion includes FREE SHIPPING, expert technical support, FREE ACTIVATION, and total MACH expert management.        
  • Requires a new two-year AT&T or Verizon service agreement of 1GB. Additional charges may apply for plans other than 1GB.

Promotion valid until September 30, 2024
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