MACH Networks Expands Award-Winning Product Line with a Purpose- Built POTS Replacement Solution Specifically for Fire & Burglar Alarms


MACH Networks Expands Award-Winning Product Line with a Purpose- Built POTS Replacement Solution Specifically for Fire & Burglar Alarms

Carlsbad, CA – March 31, 2024.   MACH is pleased to announce a new addition to our award-winning AReS product line: AReS™ for Fire & Burglar Alarms, which will launch on March 31, 2024. This new solution is specifically designed to meet the life safety requirements as mandated by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) without using VoIP services.

“This new solution provides proven and tested connectivity for life
safety applications like fire and burglar alarm systems.  
Adherence to
specific regulations, regardless of jurisdiction, is paramount for these
mission-critical applications, so we want our partners also to be aware
that the installation process for AReS Fire and Burglar Alarms differs
from conventional VoIP-based POTS replacement solutions,”

commented MACH CEO Donald Ochoa.

MACH’s experience in this space has proven that traditional fire alarm panels may encounter difficulties when integrating with VoIP applications. However, we recognize that different customers have different needs, including those with legacy systems that still utilize VoIP technology. While MACH will continue to offer and support VoIP-based AReS solutions, our new AReS for Fire & Burglar Alarms offers an ideal alternative for customers seeking reliable connectivity without having to rely on VoIP technology. According to CEO Ochoa, “Because these are Life Safety applications, a stringent set of requirements must be followed to conform to NFPA standards and UL compliance guidelines. While this may require a little more work on the front end, it is worth the extra effort because these solutions must provide connectivity wherever and whenever needed and will typically stay in place for many years to come”.

The addition of AReS for Fire and burglar Alarms to the MACH portfolio is designed to work with hundreds of different alarm panels and is centered around reliability, compliance, and adherence to a wide range of codes and regulations. Meeting these requirements is necessary to ensure connectivity, especially for solutions that do not work well with VoIP services for Fire and Burglar alarms.


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