Nationwide Retail Grocer Turns to MACH for 5G

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Operating within the competitive Retail Grocery sector, our client is a prominent National US Retailer


National grocery chain, boasting a robust portfolio of hundreds of stores and generating revenues in the billions of dollars.


The company’s operational excellence is underpinned by a suite of applications encompassing Business Continuity, Network Backup, Video Solutions, Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems, customer Wi-Fi, and Broadband Connectivity.


The chain faced critical connectivity issues due to a fleet of antiquated 3G and 4G routers serving as backup internet connections across their expansive SD-WAN network, spanning over hundreds of locations nationwide. This suboptimal infrastructure, compounded by substandard third-party installation practices, precipitated a host of operational dilemmas, including network congestion, diminished performance, unreliable backup systems, and an escalating risk of transactional losses—factors that collectively jeopardized customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In response, MACH Networks stepped in to evaluate, plan, and deliver a comprehensive 5G solution, meticulously tailored to meet the needs of each individual store across the nation.


The deployment, orchestrated in close partnership with a MACH Platinum Partner, culminated in the provision of a fully managed, enterprise-grade 5G network solution. This strategic enhancement significantly bolstered store-level network reliability and cellular data throughput, thereby ensuring seamless operation of mission-critical business applications and fortifying the foundation for sustained customer satisfaction and business growth.

Strategic Network Transformation: A Leading National Grocery Chain’s Journey to Superior Connectivity with MACH Networks’ Managed 5G Solutions


In the dynamic landscape of National Grocery Retail, the imperative for robust and reliable connectivity is paramount. These businesses rely on a myriad of mission-critical business applications including SD-WAN-driven applications that play a pivotal role in maintaining operational continuity and delivering a seamless shopping experience. The stakes are high: the strength of in-store connectivity is often the linchpin of a store’s operational efficacy and its capacity to engage and satisfy customers.

Regrettably, the industry is riddled with antiquated network infrastructure. Many grocers persist with outdated network topologies, such as legacy MPLS connectivity, coupled with inadequate backup connectivity solutions. This results in congested networks, diminished throughput and compromised speed and bandwidth. Such deficiencies in performance inevitably erode customer satisfaction and, all too frequently, culminate in lost business opportunities.

Enter the era of fully managed 5G networks—the vanguard of modern connectivity for retail grocers. Amidst fierce competition and the challenges posed by underperforming networks and third-party installers lacking expertise in enterprise-class retail networking, MACH’s 5G Solution portfolio emerges as a game-changer. MACH Networks, one of the nation’s leading WWAN Managed Service Providers, stands at the forefront of this technological revolution. MACH Networks bridges the gap to cutting-edge advancements by offering comprehensive network management—from site surveys to post-sales service, from optimizing carrier networks to providing nationwide installation and round-the-clock support. All these services are rendered either as a monthly OPEX fee or via CAPEX expenditures. Having such financial flexibility is not only beneficial for individual retail needs but also acts as a strategic investment in the retailer’s future.


Confronted with a sprawling network of hundreds of stores and multiple distribution centers across the country, our client grappled with pervasive connectivity challenges that threatened the viability of their operations. The repercussions were profound: jeopardized business continuity, eroded customer satisfaction, and impaired sales metrics.

The root of these issues lay in the reliance on outdated 4G and MPLS networks—technologies that once stood at the forefront of innovation but now serve as a bottleneck to progress. Compounded by suboptimal site-to-carrier connectivity configurations and a history of flawed installation practices, the network’s shortcomings were evident.

The impact was most acutely felt in the performance of mission-critical applications. Systems integral to the retail experience—Point-of-Sale (POS), video surveillance, in-store wireless connectivity, and digital signage—suffered frequent downtimes or chronic underperformance. This not only fueled employee frustration but also directly translated into customer dissatisfaction, casting a shadow over the brand’s reputation and its promise of a seamless shopping experience.

“The upgrade to a 5G solution by MACH Networks has significantly improved our network reliability and performance, ensuring seamless primary and failover capabilities across all our locations.”

– Network Service Manager, US Grocer


MACH Networks, a leader in the realm of fully managed connectivity solutions, stepped forward with a robust 5G solution tailored to meet the critical needs of the retail grocer. Harnessing the power of 5G, MACH Networks instituted a state-of-the-art infrastructure across multiple stores to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept.

Upon rigorous testing, validation, and endorsement, this enterprise-class solution is now being rolled out to the entire network of stores nationwide. MACH engineers deployed units to the store sites, meticulously calibrated each router, and provided service on the best available 5G network—AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon Wireless—to provide 5G service on the best available network for each location. Furthermore, MACH augmented their offering with complimentary value-added services such as remote monitoring and management of the routers, proactive data management, a lifetime warranty, and continuous 24/7 technical support delivered by their dedicated, US-based team of experts.

The Retail Grocer now plans to replicate the significant cost-savings and performance gains across its entire store and warehouse network.


In a strategic alliance with the client’s Network Operations Team, MACH Networks crafted a comprehensive deployment and installation plan. This initiative commenced with a pilot program encompassing 25 select store locations, setting the stage for a broader rollout.

The routers of choice were the Cradlepoint® W1850 and W1855 enterprise-class 5G routers, renowned for their robust enterprise capabilities, durability, ease of management, and consistent delivery of dependable 5G connectivity. Through the integration of Cradlepoint’s NetCloud—a sophisticated cloud-based remote management platform—MACH Networks achieved a streamlined process for device deployment, configuration, and management. This approach significantly diminished the necessity for physical site visits, thereby facilitating centralized oversight throughout the proof-of-concept phase and subsequent transition to widespread deployment.

MACH Networks’ commitment to customer satisfaction was further demonstrated through their pre-sales engineering efforts and established partnerships with premier wireless network providers, including AT&T®, T-Mobile®, and Verizon Wireless®. By conducting a thorough multi-carrier coverage analysis, MACH Networks identified the most suitable network for each retail and distribution site, ensuring unparalleled connectivity for all locations and devices.


Selecting MACH Networks for their fully managed 5G connectivity solutions, the nationwide retail grocer found an ideal partner capable of meeting their exacting standards. The collaboration with MACH Networks culminated in a resounding success, marked by profound satisfaction with the strategic consultancy, seamless collaboration, and the bespoke solution provided.

The comprehensive management of the solution not only resolved the grocer’s connectivity and backup exigencies but also ushered in significant cost efficiencies. The advanced connectivity framework instilled a sense of assurance across the organization, safeguarding the uninterrupted operation of their mission-critical applications.

Quantifiable outcomes of the upgrade were striking:

  • A 20% reduction in network downtime
  • A tenfold decrease in latency
  • A thirtyfold surge in cellular throughput
  • A fortified network resilience against outages

Moreover, the implementation furnished a cost-effective mechanism to accelerate the launch of new stores, slashing the timeline for establishing connectivity from weeks or even months to days or even hours.

Emboldened by the triumph of the initial 25 pilot locations, the grocery store chain swiftly extended this model of cost-efficiency and modernization to its expansive network of hundreds of retail outlets and distribution hubs, achieving this remarkable feat within a six-month horizon.

1 These are average results across hundreds of stores. Store-to-store differences may apply.

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